Friday, May 22, 2009

Life in The Smith Household - Chapter 3

Well after hearing about Richard having a baby, Richard took a couple of months off from work, his entire work was horrified to hear that Richard was pregant.

I still couldn't believe but I had to because there was no denying the truth, Richard's belly was definitely kicking. It was a good thing I didn't have a job that way I could help Richard out, but there was only one issue he had to solve, was his anger issue. Richard gets pissed off real easy. One night he went into his room and worked a bit more, that's when he introduced us to something....Something so advance that I never knew Richard could even make such a thing.

It was a robot he even named the damn thing. It was kind of creepy but guess what, the robot did chores and that's what really made me happy because he picked up the dog shit that the pets left, he took out the trash he picked up the plates from off the table, hell he even makes dinner! Richard was happy that his creation was working so great. It wasn't long until things went crashing down.

The robot would malfunction from time to time, sometimes from being anti-social. So what would it do? It would take it's malfunction out on us, the first person to be electrocuted was Richard. I felt sorry for him you know with the baby and all.

The after math was not pretty, when Richard looked like this he was really really pissed off, he even felt like killing it, but the robot couldn't help it. It wasn't worth killing it, it had real emotions.

Then it shocked Tony for no reason! I can't believe the robot was going nuts, I ran away from it too!

The effects were the same with Tony as well.

Soon it just stopped! The thing turned off and it was sparking, I'm surprised it didn't catch the house on fire. So I thought there was only one logical way to do this, call the repair man.

When he came he fixed up the robot, but I turned him off real quick and asked the repair man if he could some how reprogram the robot to NOT touch water at all! He gladly did it for an extra 50 dollars I paid him in full because I didn't want Richard to have to go through the trouble and stress of reprogramming him.

The robot was good as new but something new happened. Richard's water broke! The baby was coming! We all got ready.

Life In The Smith Household - Chapter 2

Its been about 24 hours and Richard has not come back, all his stuff is here too. I'm guessing that he might of been upset with Tony but I don't understand. They installed the security system in the house so now next time someone breaks in the cops will be alerted a patrol car will come to the house.

So one of my neighbors across the street comes to my house and informs of the next door neighbors child died a couple of days ago in the pool. I was rather shocked to hear this because I must of missed this.

The boy's name was Ricky. This reminded me of a while back when me and Tony had adopted Richard not the one that is missing but the one we had adopted back at the old house. Oh man this brought back terrible memories.

It almost seemed like the entire incident flashed before my eyes, me crying over my Son's grave. It was indeed my fault, the feeling of guilt swept over me. WHY RICHARD!? WHY DID YOU LEAVE YOUR FATHERS! WE LOVED YOU! Life is cruel... It took something so special away from us. I cried, I decided to go chatting on the Internet with a friend.

Tony and Aki were at work and Richard was still missing. Aki is working as a Paranormal Researcher, for some odd reason a limo came and picked him up. What the fuck is up with that?

So I was all alone, except I had the pets, I did decide to go up and check on them since they were just walking around the house, sometimes I feel cats are evil, Kitty seems evil, just the way she looks it seems like she wants to kill either me or anyone in the household. I'm surprised Moossey hasn't done anything yet to warn us.

So while I'm up checking on the pets I hear yelling and stuff banging in the backyard. Who the hell is that? I thought, it might of been a burglar I finally can catch that son of a bitch in the act, but long and behold!

It was Richard! I ran outside and told him where the hell has he been, he looked at me kind of confused and told me that he had no idea what I was talking about that he's angry that Tony used his telescope, for a minute I was dumb struck. It then hit me, that maybe Richard hit his head and forgot where he was. I told him that he was missing for three or four days that police have been looking and searching every where for him. He was still confused and said that the last thing he was doing was looking at the telescope, I helped him inside but something was wrong I couldn't quite figure it out.

But I did call Tony at work and he came home real quick. I fixed Richard a nice meal, but he went up stairs to shower, he was kind of doing weird shit though. He even put on his chef outfit, I didn't know what was going on. I thought it might of been normal, that maybe he was just sick. Well when everyone came home they all gave Richard a nice hug, he felt a lot better and apologized to Tony about being an asshole to him about the telescope.

Everything seemed to be going just right for once, I had went to bed, Tony held me close and we were sound asleep.

So I woke up and Tony fixed me and Aki a nice plate of Pancakes. Yum! My favorite so me and Aki sure had a nice conversation about his job and the Paranormal.

After we were finished Aki went off to work and Tony did too. Richard said he was calling in sick because he woke up this morning throwing up. I checked his forehead he was not running any kind of fever though. So he walked into the kitchen and made himself something to eat. That's when I noticed it! That's what was wrong, it seemed his stomach grew fatter!

Did he eat too much or was he just that way? I don't know but I called the doctor and he came by and talked to Richard about his enlarged belly. Richard said that he felt like his stomach moved from time to time and that he would wake up a couple of days ago and throw up green nasty shit. I was confused just as much as the doctor, he left the room and he talked to me in the kitchen. He said that this were the same symptoms of a pregant woman, he flat out told me "Richards Pregant" Richard heard the whole thing. He looked upset and said "I'm not a woman I'm a man I'm just bloated from eating too much at work" The doctor told me to call him if anything worse happens, he gave me his number I posted it on the sticky thing in the kitchen.

When Tony got home I told him, Richard locked himself in his room and all I heard out of his room was banging and metal hitting against each other. I think when Richard gets upset he starts to build things in his room. I hope it wasn't something dangerous. Anyways this entire process went on for a good four months when I saw him I could see changes in him, his belly got fatter and he was walking a bit slow. The doctor was right, Richard was pregant but how in the fuck does this happen? Sooner or later I saw him wearing woman's clothing the type for plus size women.

I walked up to him and pretend to be talking to his belly, there was no way of denying it. Richard was going to be a Father.

As time passed I knew that he was going to pop that sucker out sooner or later.

Life in The Smith Household - Chapter 1

Lovely days are back again, I'm back with a whole new chapter in my life. We decided to move to a different house this time, we also found a few new friends. Aki and Richard they moved moved in with us and we are slowly just developing our life. We still have Moossey and Kitty but the other dog had to go, he was causing TOO much trouble in the house we bought him things to chew on but he just loved to eat up the furniture. Sorry had to go to the kennel, I'm sure some lovely Sim will enjoy the dog.

Before we moved in Aki wanted to give me a new look, well he didn't exactly like my fade type hair style he gave me a different one.

I liked the new look and I knew that Tony was going to LOVE it as well. So there we were just one big happy family.

We started out having a few issues though. Our house was in a bad part of the neighborhood. So from time to time almost daily people broke into our house and took something. We always locked our doors but some how they got in!

Tony was stressing so much though he did not like having to come home from work and having the police there to fill out a report about the burglary that occurred. Aki likes the new guitar I bought him. I told him to hide it because of the break ins but he ignored me most of the time because he was always playing that damn guitar through the night.

I would always try my best to comfort Tony, it helped a lot but sadly it wasn't just Tony that was depressed and stressed out about the break ins. A couple of days later someone stole Aki's favorite guitar that I bought him just two days ago! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. But I continued to comfort Tony, even though Aki was the one who needed it the most.

With all the stress Tony went through the boss didn't like it, he thought he would be better to change Tony's hours and demote him to a Hot Dog Vendor that way he's not stressing out while taking orders at the Diner. So when Tony came home he was upset and bored, but I was always enjoying learning new things, cooking, how to fix things, how to be a good cleaner.

But whenever I looked at him he looked sad, so the only thing to do from that point is do things. So I bought Tony a truck!

No more having to take the carpool to work anymore! He was so happy but Richard did not like it, because while Tony went to work in his new truck, Richard had to take the smelly old carpool.

While I was not going to waste money on buying Richard a car I thought I would be nice and buy him a telescope, Richard said thanks that it sort of made up for the fact that Tony got a new truck. So everything was all good, Tony still hated his job though, he says that he does not like working at the Hot Dog vendor that people are rude and complete assholes to him. I thought I would surprise him with something new, I ended up buying a Spa for everybody. Me and Tony used it a lot.

We had our first Woohoo in the Spa though, it was amazing! It looked like things were going back to normal, Richard was happy, Aki was happy because I bought him a new guitar, and Tony was happy. All that made me so happy. Tony started using Richard's telescope though to look up at the stars.

When Richard found this out he yelled at Tony, and then almost every night Richard looked at the telescope at night, he always seemed to be in a bad mood though, I had no idea why he didn't like Tony. So one night he goes outside to go look at the stars then he disappears! I'm shocked and I hope Richard didn't do anything stupid! So we waited for a couple of days. That's when bad shit started to happen again.

The break ins were occurring this time frequently thank god that we locked up most of our important things in the closet. They didn't steal Aki's guitar which was good. I was getting worried about the burglaries and Richard.

I decided we had to do something, well I tried to do something. I called the cops first, they said that they will send a search party to find Richard, they also recommended to me that I buy a security system as well so when the next time someone breaks in the cops will be alerted to try to catch the burglar red handed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life in the Valdez Household Chapter 3

Paying for gardening services really sucks especially when the bitch doesn't come a lot to help water my garden, I've been real lazy the past couple of days and I've been forgetting that I had a garden. I sometimes think to myself that my green house is way too big! I paid a lot of money to have it made but I think making it too big was a huge mistake because I have too many plants that I need to weed out and water, plus I found out that I had to talk to my plants in order for them to grow healthy, having a garden is tough work!

Tony felt bad because I had to gain weight to keep my cubish figure, so he decided to make pancakes for himself that he needed to gain more weight, we both built our body skills up so we should all be good until we start losing them during jobs.

When Tony said he was going to eat a lot he meant it! He was already gaining some weight, this meant that he wasn't playing around.

I decided that we haven't had many guests come by to visit, so I invited some guests and I was making something delicious on the stove and I ended up burning that, catching fire. Do you know a great invention was the fire detector? It really helps alert the fire department when there is a fire in the house, I always thought that if I didn't have such an invention that I would of died in this fire including the guests who were angry that dinner was canceled.

I bought Tony a new shirt, it was a bear shirt, I thought it was very cute, he loved it and so did other people. Even though he's still working during the morning he still has time to play with Kitty, she really is a big attention whore...

I went out to the market to buy more clothes, with Winter coming in it's been really chilly outside, I've even saw some parts of the neighborhood covered in snow. I made sure I dressed very heavy for when the snow really starts coming down.

Tony went in his tank top again to the grocery store, he told me it wasn't that cold outside but I think he lied about that because it was in the 50's.

After we made it back home we restocked the fridge and put the clothes in the dresser, now we were dressed up in our house clothing, and guess what? Tony kissed me! I felt so loved. After the kiss I heard the dog barking, it was snowing outside again!

Me and Tony went outside and made a snow man! I thought it was kind of cute to do it! The dogs and cats played in the snow for a while until we all went inside and went to bed.

I woke up several times to hear something in our backyard, I had no clue to what the hell it was until I looked out the window and saw this.....Oh my god! It's a penguin! The weird part he was talking to the snow man we made....How funny!

Morning approached and Tony woke up early, it was his day off so he decided to do some painting, I don't know what he was painting but he didn't let me look until it was finished. He's a very good artist!

He painted several more pictures that day, it was a great addition to our room, I think Tony was becoming such an amazing painter that he couldn't stop painting, I added his painting in our room near the bed. It looked amazing! I think that when I had the time I would try to build my skills to be good at painting just like him.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Life in the Valdez Household Chapter 2

When we moved we had gone through several houses until we found the one to call home. We decided to go with the red house that had a secondary room, it even has a small pond area to go fishing, it's a great house to go through the four different types of Seasons.

I already got to work with designing some of the rooms which made things look very nice, I redesigned the kitchen twice already with the final results looking like this. Sadly the gourmet stove wasn't working properly so I had to remove it from the final design.

Tony was working extremely hard when building up his skills, since Summer was over Fall was approaching and it gave us an extra boost to build up our skills, I was falling behind when it came to learning how to cook, how to clean, and how to fix things. Tony zoomed passed all that and was already on building up his body skills.

He built it up so fast that he lost so much weight! He was very happy to have lost the weight but this created a problem for me more in the next couple of days.

While Tony went to work I was basically working out all the dirty parts of the house fixing stuff that was broken, unclogging the toilet, fixing broken TV's, stereos and showers.

I was doing a tough job, also the cat was getting pretty lonely so I decided to adopt a puppy. I know that in time the cat and dog would enjoy being around each other.

Her name is Suzi, not sure what breed she is but she was a pretty annoying dog. It took about several days for her to grow into a full sized dog which she turned in to this lovely looking dog.

Me and Tony were both happy that we no longer had to take care of a small puppy, so now Suzi and Kitty can play right?

Wrong, the first day it seemed that Suzi and Kitty didn't play well together so we made a room for Suzi to sleep in, I placed a bowl with dog food and a chew toy near his bed. They stopped fighting for a couple of days but their interaction and friendly play was slow and it built up into a friendship. This gave me time to build some of my skills.

When I was finished with all my house chores I decided to go back to building my skills especially the body skills, I worked and worked really hard to max out my skills. But half a day later I came back a new man.

Tony seemed to be happy with my accomplishment of losing all that weight but I decided to gain it all back with eating a lot of food, I knew that I had to have my cub figure body intact so I decided to just eat and eat all day long to get that belly back.

I was really tired so I decided to fall asleep on the couch, but with Tony at work I was alone in the house with a cat and a dog that loved to cause mischief....